Big Mac's Packaging History


The 50 years of the Big Mac narrated with its packaging.

The Big Mac turns 50 years old. During this time, it has witnessed many changes, but it has always retained its original ingredients and original form. To commemorate its history, we made a tribute, rescuing all the packaging through the time for what happened to our classic.

– 1968

– 1975

– 1991

– 2005

– 2013

Food&Product Photographer: Gonzalo BenalcázarMario Larrea
Digital Artist: Mario Larrea & Saymon Medeiros
Food Styling: Sofia Alarcón & Pamela Alarcón

Additional Photographer: Tomás Nassif Cytrynowicz & Thiago Pompeia


Packed Design Feedback;

In conclusion we can say that McDonalds has managed to maintain the simple/joyful patterns throughout the years.

In the entertaining movie The Founder you can watch McDonald’s humble beginning and how it turned out to be the second biggest fast food chain in the world with 36,900 restaurants. (losing only to Subway with 44,229 restaurants)

Congrats to all the professionals involved in this job.

Be sure to let us know witch one was your favorite! 



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