Embalagem para sorvetes Newaska


Newaska is a Brazilian Ice Cream shop going trough a rebrand process. In this context, a new Gelato product line was developed, focusing on premium flavours. Vibrant colors contrasting with a dark background makes the ice cream samples pop-up and tasty feelings comes to mind. Type adds boldness and a relaxed feeling, making it appealing to younger consumers as well.

Ficha Técnica:
Designed By: Musen Design
Client: Newaska
Account Manager: Daniela Herrmann
Design Director: Flavia Hocevar
Design Assistant: Marina Jacques Vieira
Location: Porto Alegre – Brazil

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Gilnei Silva é designer do Estudio Gilnei Silva e fundador do site Packed Design. É apaixonado por embalagem e identidades visuais. www.gilneisilva.com

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