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Floriaan is a 100% Belgian crafted beer brewed in the country side of Ghent and consists out of natural ingredients and a very special flower extract. The flavor of Floriaan can best be described as smooth with a fresh aftertaste.

“Last year in June I went to a local craft beer festival in Belgium. There I got to know the owner of a small Belgian brewery. He told me very passionate about his love for craft beer as well as brewing it. Out of curiosity I asked him if he was working on something new and he was indeed. The passion of the owner sparked my creativity and I got to design the label for his new beer: Floriaan.”  – Jonas Devacht

Floriaan will be in stores in Belgium later on this year.

Line up:
Rough Comps:
The theme for this beer was very much inspired by the late 60’s hippie, flower power culture. An era of which the owner of the beer is not unfamiliar with. He really liked these idea’s I had and chose idea 1 “Floral Jungle”. This was the closest to what the beer stands for, and is also my personal favourite.
Full Wrap:
Full illustrations:
The colours for these flowers match the color of the beer inside the bottle: orange is a stout, yellow is a heavy lager, and red is an amber beer. I used complimentary colours for the other parts of the illustration as a reference for the fresh aftertaste of this beer which something quite unusual for a beer of this caliber.
This project was developed by the designer Jonas Devacht for the client Floriaan Craft Beers.

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