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“The concept for the company name is derived from the owner’s strong-willed grandmother. She believes that good nutrition should come straight from the kitchen, and not from refined sugars or processed preservatives. This energy bar is a healthier version of a Clif Bar, with no caffeine stimulant. There are 2 products; Granny Bars – All Natural Energy Bars, Chocolate Chip and Fruit & Nut & Granny Balls – High Protein Snacks, Chocolate / Peanut Butter.

Dueling Grandmas is only sold and marketed only at Farmers Markets throughout the Twin Cities area. Educating & getting the message out that this is a healthier alternative (less sugar and preservatives to the mass-market brands, like Clif Bar). Price point will be about the same as mass market brands, however, the idea that these are made by an “actual person” versus mass production is a key point distinction.

Their target audience consists of bicyclists, performance athletes and health-conscious soccer moms looking for good nutrition for their active children.

So the challenge is, that in a crowded marketplace of energy bars products, all competing with in the realm of healthy and outdoor oriented visuals of rock climbing, sunbursts, trees and rolling fields of grain, how does one stand out visually?

During a 2 day workshop with designer, Scott Thares, I was tasked with the challenge of creating the logo and packaging design for their main product, Granny Bars. I started thinking of different things that remind me of “grandmother.” I started thinking of “grandma knows best,” she’s the matriarch of the family, and so on. Somehow, I started thinking about one of the audience members “bicyclists.” And I thought ‘Bicycle playing cards,’ and thought of the queen. That was the basis for most of my progress from there on out. 

I created this grandmother / queen-like illustration, and decided, what if that was something extra that could be found inside of every package. Every single one would include a playing card with the illustration on one side, and information about the company on the other. 

As for the logo that would acompany this theme, I started thinking about the letters and numbers on playing cards, as well as vintage monograms. I ended up with a “D” “G” monogram in the style of the letters on playing cards.”

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